We are a San Francisco-based Esports talent agency, and one of the oldest and most successful management teams specializing in the fighting game community (FGC).

Founded in 2010 out of a pure love for the FGC and a mission to guide and support the careers of professional gamers, we strongly believe that Esports athletes are just like any other type of professional athlete-they need a good management team and support network so they can stay focused on the object of their passion and what they do best: Esports. By supporting Esports athletes in Branding, Marketing, Public Relations, Community Management as well as Business Development, we aim to shine a spotlight on the discipline, strategy, skills, drama, and lives of our athletes beyond the game screen.
After all, they're not just games-they're Esports.

Most notably, we launched the career of the Street Fighter legend, Daigo "The Beast" Umehara, as the very first Japanese Professional Gamer. He has come to be recognized as the "Michael Jordan of Street Fighter," * with a long list of accolades and achievements, including three Guinness World Records, a best-selling book **, and his own line of apparel and merchandise. He is the most prolific player in the FGC.

We have grown into a comprehensive agency, running product and brand promotions, planning public events, and executing social media campaigns, all while working closely with a wide range of industry partners as well as our magnificently talented clients.

*Daigo is on a mission to save Street Fighter - ESPN.com by Imad Khan on January 3, 2017
**The Will to Keep Winning, Amazon Japan - Kindle New Releases - Nonfiction genre - #1 Ranking in 2013


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Daigo Umehara
"The Beast"
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